High School

High School

“The Future is Here!”


Students at STEM International have the flexibility of pursuing their talents while attending school.  At the present time we have students playing professional soccer,  persuing aviation and dance while attending school and pursuing an American Curriculum diploma. Why wait and you have the talent now?.

Our Teacher guided and supervised High School Curriculum is an accredited American curriculum that exposes students to more than 150 high school courses, including core subjects, Advanced Placement (AP), electives and six world languages.

These skills prepare the student for thinking the STEM way.


The award-winning online high school curriculum includes exciting new courses such as Journalism and Integrated Math and online lessons feature the latest in multimedia learning:

  • Virtual labs
  • Avatars
  • Animations
  • Interactive graphics
  • Plus, animated tutorials and online activities that reinforce concepts and help keep learning alive

This highly interactive and effective learning environment is also a safe one, ensuring student safety online.  Students at STEM International also have a subject teacher in the class at all times to ensure that the students are on task and can receive real time help as needed and that assignments are handed in on time to ensure completion of the curriculum in a timely manner.

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