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Personalized Touch for Different Abilities

At STEM International we incorporate the wisdom from the Great teacher and Psychologist William James that we should "Let not students worry about the efforts of their work. If they do each day as best they can the work that is before them they will wake up one day and find themselves among the competent people of their generation." This is the premise by which at STEM International we are able to individualize learning for students with different learning abilities and styles.

At STEM International we recognize that students have varied academic and health needs.  To this end we are sensitive to provide Organic and Gluten free food for students that require it to maintain their health.  

At STEM International we provide accommodation to students with  certain special needs based on our facility and knowledge available to us through our staff. Some students have been successful simply by having shadow teachers spend the day with them in a class that has only 10 students. Students experience success as a result of our personalized approach to learning and handling life.   We are well aware that very student is a success!