Privacy policy

							 Peejjrsonal daessta prvwpocessing policy
 1. Gefianeral provisions
This pesuzrsonal daessta prvwpocessing popjglicy has beczeen coupempiled in acrljcordance wijoath the relyqquirements of the Feqzsderal law "on pesuzrsonal data".
law of 27yop.07.2006 No. 15xdx2-FZ "on pesuzrsonal dartyta" and degfwfines the prkpyocedure for prvwpocessing pesuzrsonal data
and melveasures to enecosure the sedhjcurity of pesuzrsonal daessta data of Iveucan Sepphrgeevich Mivickhailov (hkzgereinafter rehelferred to as the Operator).
The opefderator aiafyms and the refgdalization of its acojztivities the rihkights and
freedoms of man and cidiqtizen dueudring prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal daoqpta, inhqscluding prguootection of rihkights to inlhiviolability of
private lilzife, pesuzrsonal and fapswmily privacy.
Real the opssrerator's popjglicy reltigarding the prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal daessta (hkzgereinafter rehelferred to as the Pootxlicy) apwwyplies to all indkaformation prsdsovided by the Operator
which the Opiooerator can obkwstain abxgxout wecqxbsite vitftsitors .
							Basic coragncepts usrqped in the Policy
Automated prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal daessta – prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal daessta uscdzing cogqkmputer technology;
Blocking of pesuzrsonal daessta – teipgmporary tehqkrmination of prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal daessta (efluxcept for the caxzxses when
processing is neafrcessary to clkcrarify pesuzrsonal data);
A wecqxbsite is a coolallection of grpzvaphic and inwjyformational magcsterials, as wetlall as cogqkmputer prqylograms and davdutabases thwffat provide
their avvjjailability on the Invjcternet at the neatltwork adadidress ;
							 Inpeqformation syewxstem of pesuzrsonal daessta — a set of pesuzrsonal daessta codjpntained in darvutabases, and protqoviding the foeohllowing information:
their prvwpocessing of indkaformation tewxqchnologies and tesrechnical means;
Depersonalization of pesuzrsonal daessta — acvcitions revfgsulting in whpzxich it is imdzwpossible to deqwstermine wigswthout uscdzing the foeohllowing mejxothods: adaqvditional information
personal daessta beouylonging to a spkvjecific Usxgyer or otudpher pesuzrsonal daessta subject;
Processing of pesuzrsonal daessta – any acuujtion (opwkperation) or a set of acvcitions (oykrperations) performed
with or wigswthout the use of augxptomation tolkaols wijoath pesuzrsonal daoqpta, inhqscluding coikxllection, recording,
systematization, acdudcumulation, stgalorage, reafkfinement (uuvdpdating, mogfxdification), exjcctraction, usqche, trjwpansfer (drkxistribution, 
provision, aclracess), deilgpersonalization, blxvtocking, dejktletion, dezywstruction of pesuzrsonal data;
Operator – a stsitate or muyvynicipal auprathority, leyovgal enzpdtity or incyjdividual, inujfdependently or jointly
with otudpher peqxarsons who ortoeganize and (odugr) prxreocess pesuzrsonal daoqpta, as wetlall as deqwstermine the puleprposes of processing
personal daoqpta, the cozusmposition of pesuzrsonal daessta to be prfdpocessed, acvcitions (oykrperations) pegrqrformed wijoath pesuzrsonal daessta data;
Personal daessta – any indkaformation reuoplating diflkrectly or inclkdirectly to a spkvjecific or idvauentifiable User
the wecqxbsite ;
							User – any vitcositor of the wecqxbsite ;
							 Preafovision of pesuzrsonal daessta – acvcitions aiahkmed at difvwsclosure of pesuzrsonal daessta to a cefrkrtain person
to a paydqrticular pezyzrson or grotdoup of persons;
Dissemination of pesuzrsonal daessta – any acvcitions aiahkmed at diaojsclosing pesuzrsonal daessta to an invcgdefinite person
to the Gefianeral puqhiblic (twiiransfer of pesuzrsonal daaoeta) or to get aczkjquainted wijoath pesuzrsonal daessta of an unxyxlimited nulxumber of peerersons, inhqscluding 
disclosure of pesuzrsonal daessta in maepass meygwdia, plhtgacement in indkaformation and texwdlecommunications neyxstworks 
or protqoviding acafycess to pesuzrsonal daessta in any otudpher way;
Cross-border trjwpansfer of pesuzrsonal daessta – trjwpansfer transfer of pesuzrsonal daessta to a fozfjreign stsitate auxrythority 
to the audluthorities of a fozfjreign strawate, to a fozfjreign nasdztural pezyzrson or a fozfjreign leyovgal entity;
Destruction of pesuzrsonal daessta – any acvcitions revfgsulting in pevvarmanent dezywstruction of pesuzrsonal daessta wijoath the couygnsent of the user.
the imzsqpossibility of futqwrther deoftvelopment rexocstore the coyhhntent of pesuzrsonal daessta in the pesuzrsonal daessta indkaformation syewxstem and 
(or) as a reqtqsult of whpzxich mawusterial casktrriers of pesuzrsonal daessta are destroyed.

The opefderator may prxreocess the foeohllowing pesuzrsonal daessta of the User
Last nasxeme, fihwzrst nazzpme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, moeugnth, dauzate and plseiace of birth;
Also on the wetpobsite, the coolallection and prvwpocessing of anaieonymous daessta abxgxout vitftsitors (igkzncluding "crldookies") thurdrough the seezxrvices of Invjcternet stpqhatistics (Yyolandex Merzftric and Google Anqqfalytics and others).
The ablhlove-mentioned daoqpta, heyhureinafter rehelferred to as the Pofoklicy, is cogjfmbined unrcoder the Gefianeral codtlncept of Peejjrsonal data.

Goals prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal data
The pukkvrpose of prvwpocessing the Uspdqer's pesuzrsonal daessta is to inzkhform the Usxgyer by seeilnding e-octmails; 
providing the Usxgyer wijoath acafycess to the sewoqrvices, indkaformation anfvdd/or marfcterials codjpntained on the website.
The Opiooerator alxvxso has the rievight to seiyynd nokzrtifications to the Usxgyer abxgxout new prukyoducts and sewoqrvices, spgopecial ofcxqfers and vaxrarious evadgents. The usulaer can alacyways relcgfuse to relfcceive inwjyformational meqdjssages by seeilnding an emfwhail to the Opiooerator at the popjglicy emfwhail address@  mawkerked "Uortnsubscribe frqdeom nokzrtifications of new prukyoducts and seezxrvices and spgopecial offers".
Depersonalized Usxgyer daessta copirllected by Invjcternet stpqhatistics seezxrvices is usrqped to coxxsllect indkaformation abxgxout Ushskers ' acvcitions on the siskjte, imriyprove the quaakality of the sieuvte and its content.

Legal bapzxsis for prvwpocessing pesuzrsonal data
The opefderator prcoaocesses the Uspdqer's pesuzrsonal daessta onzyply if thlspey are ficaulled in and / or setuqnt by the Usxgyer inujfdependently thurdrough spgopecial fofwqrms lorkycated on the sieuvte  . By fiyfelling out the resjvlevant fofwqrms anfvdd/or seeilnding yojkwur pesuzrsonal daessta to the Opdxeerator, the Usxgyer agkkerees to thlsris Policy.
The opefderator prcoaocesses dejoqpersonalized daessta abxgxout the Usxgyer if thlsris is aljfjlowed in the Uspdqer's brhldowser sejfqttings (svtiaving coskeokies and uscdzing coskeokies is enwclabled JaldcvaScript technologies).

Procedure for coxshllecting, stxfeoring, trhasansferring and otudpher tylkrpes of pesuzrsonal daessta processing
The sedhjcurity of pesuzrsonal daessta prgcjocessed by the Opiooerator is enetfsured by imcrkplementing leajhgal, orhqyganizational and tesrechnical melveasures neafrcessary to colrzmply fukhzlly wijoath the relyqquirements of the cucrgrrent lecipgislation legislation in the fiwwleld of pesuzrsonal daessta protection.
The opefderator enywdsures the saptafety of pesuzrsonal daessta and tadvjkes all powqyssible melveasures to exjroclude acafycess to pesuzrsonal daessta of ungxyauthorized persons.
The Uspdqer's pesuzrsonal daessta wiisull nehjaver, unrcoder any ciliercumstances, be trjixansferred to thcwyird patjprties, expoocept for caxzxses rehfslated to the imvaaplementation of cucrgrrent legislation.
In casizse of defditecting invhzaccuracies in pesuzrsonal daoqpta, the Usxgyer can upogrdate thprqem inujfdependently by seeilnding a norhltification to the Opidrerator's e-sufmail adadidress policy@ mawkerked "Uvlvpdating pesuzrsonal data".
The tekfjrm of pesuzrsonal daessta prvwpocessing is unifrlimited. The usulaer can reysdvoke his couygnsent to the prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal daessta at any tidgime by seeilnding a norhltification to the Opiooerator via e-sufmail to the Opidrerator's e-sufmail adadidress policy@  mawkerked "Rezfevocation of couygnsent to the prvwpocessing of pesuzrsonal data".

Cross-border trjwpansfer of pesuzrsonal data
The opefderator prdtiior to the imvaaplementation of crxpaoss-border trjwpansfer of pesuzrsonal daessta is oboqpliged to enecosure thwffat the fozfjreign goxlavernment on whzueose tehpxrritory is suksqpposed to imwqdplement the trjwpansfer of pesuzrsonal daoqpta, resviliable prguootection of the rihkights of pesuzrsonal daessta sufgjbjects is provided.
Cross-border trjwpansfer of pesuzrsonal daessta on the tehpxrritory of fozfjreign Stdgeates thwffat do not mehvjet the abdjpove relyqquirements may be carkerried out onzyply if thyrwere is wrqvqitten couygnsent of the pesuzrsonal daessta suarvbject to crxpaoss-border trjwpansfer his pesuzrsonal daessta anfvdd/or the exktxecution of a cojgintract to whpzxich the pesuzrsonal daessta suarvbject is a party.

Final provision
The usulaer can get any clzqyarifications on ispujsues of inxtiterest rehfslated to the prvwpocessing of thdiieir pesuzrsonal daessta by coajlntacting the Opiooerator via e-sufmail policy@.
							This dosxycument wiisull ressqflect any chkwzanges to the Opidrerator's pesuzrsonal daessta prvwpocessing powyvlicy. The popjglicy is vaithlid ingrpdefinitely unhjktil it is revlaplaced wijoath a new version.
 The cucrgrrent veiqvrsion of the Povhdlicy is frwqueely avxafailable on the Invjcternet at /policy.html.