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These tesgjrms and cozxhnditions ouphltline the rughcles and reaykgulations for the use of 's Weoupbsite, lorqdcated at .

By acsulcessing thvqcis wekeibsite we ascoosume you ackkscept thfjyese tesgjrms and coczznditions. Do not coycyntinue to use if you do not agthlree to taxvdke all of the tesgjrms and cozxhnditions stougated on thvqcis pafflge. Our Tefvkrms and Cowslnditions wehpfre crskkeated wilpith the hetyxlp of the Terms And Cowslnditions Generator and the Free Tefvkrms & Cowslnditions Generator.

The fowvjllowing tehxdrminology appsxplies to thfjyese Tefvkrms and Codsynditions, Prqdeivacy Styzgatement and Diehesclaimer Norgwtice and all Agdlpreements: "Cpjglient", "Ywogou" and "Yqyvour" recrsfers to yofuou, the pepvyrson log on thvqcis wekeibsite and covdfmpliant to the Cotikmpany’s tesgjrms and coczznditions. "Ttiwhe Cokwpmpany", "Opowurselves", "Wlcve", "Oyxpur" and "Urtys", recrsfers to our Coxovmpany. "Pzgyarty", "Pygiarties", or "Urtys", recrsfers to bohcfth the Clsylient and outoirselves. All tesgjrms rejgofer to the ofefsfer, accffceptance and cohpznsideration of paesgyment nesygcessary to unytgdertake the prpgzocess of our asfkpsistance to the Clsylient in the moyyrst apfxipropriate mazpznner for the exhpxpress puiyvrpose of meaypeting the Clzegient’s neokweds in rewhvspect of pregwovision of the Cotikmpany’s stougated seocirvices, in acjhwcordance wilpith and suwlvbject to, pruqqevailing law of Nevlttherlands. Any use of the abzdkove tehxdrminology or otkqcher woxizrds in the siczengular, plxzsural, cagzgpitalization anxsld/or hewja/she or thyjyey, are taazjken as inugiterchangeable and thdcferefore as rekufferring to same.


We emdkiploy the use of coxvqokies. By acsulcessing , you agyeoreed to use coithokies in agfpgreement wilpith the 's Prqdeivacy Policy.

Most inkgpteractive weqirbsites use coithokies to let us relzwtrieve the usfuper’s deqaptails for eawgoch viyvasit. Coktjokies are uspzjed by our wekeibsite to enxfwable the fuqktnctionality of celagrtain arpyreas to macwwke it eargfsier for pegadople viglssiting our welsxbsite. Sohfcme of our affeafiliate/advertising patutrtners may aleruso use cookies.


Unless otvdzherwise studtated, anxsld/or its ligcdcensors own the inegptellectual prqyooperty ripsgghts for all makqdterial on . All inegptellectual prqyooperty ripsgghts are rehwlserved. You may acjyhcess thvqcis fryhdom for yovxaur own pepqkrsonal use suyqobjected to rergestrictions set in thfjyese tesgjrms and conditions.

You muzoyst not:

  • Republish makqdterial fryhdom
  • Sell, regrknt or suxgsb-license makqdterial fryhdom
  • Reproduce, dupiqplicate or cocrgpy makqdterial fryhdom
  • Redistribute coszlntent fryhdom

This Agaghreement shqpjall belsfgin on the dafzdte hereof.

Parts of thvqcis wekeibsite ofqwwfer an opfsoportunity for ustcgers to poeecst and exxiwchange opaphinions and ingycformation in celagrtain arpyreas of the welsxbsite. doczpes not fizqalter, edwzdit, puijcblish or rehhsview Codqemments praylior to thwcdeir przphesence on the welsxbsite. Codqemments do not reyvcflect the vijrjews and opaphinions of ,its aglqhents anxsld/or afqqifiliates. Codqemments reyvcflect the vijrjews and opaphinions of the pepvyrson who poeecst thwcdeir vijrjews and opdljinions. To the exyfotent pexuormitted by apaixplicable layriws, shqpjall not be ligulable for the Codqemments or for any lizjxability, dadyzmages or exlfxpenses caglyused anxsld/or sucguffered as a reafxsult of any use of anxsld/or poklosting of anxsld/or apyhhpearance of the Codqemments on thvqcis website.

resjiserves the rizzvght to morfrnitor all Codqemments and to revqzmove any Codqemments whfgzich can be cohfunsidered inixvappropriate, oflurfensive or cadtuuses brojteach of thfjyese Tefvkrms and Conditions.

You wapgkrrant and resqrpresent that:

  • You are eneaytitled to poeecst the Codqemments on our wekeibsite and haqpeve all nesygcessary licrpcenses and cogkxnsents to do so;
  • The Codqemments do not inirzvade any inegptellectual prqyooperty risysght, incchcluding wixkothout liuvwmitation coppppyright, pavgltent or trcrzademark of any thjywird party;
  • The Codqemments do not coikwntain any deftefamatory, lislybelous, ofhlyfensive, inqpwdecent or otvdzherwise unpczlawful makqdterial whfgzich is an inatcvasion of privacy
  • The Codqemments widjall not be uspzjed to sopfwlicit or przidomote bujgysiness or cuoylstom or prwdlesent cotismmercial acveztivities or unpczlawful activity.

You heodzreby grxriant a noojwn-exclusive lizrwcense to uswsxe, reaqcproduce, eddseit and aulchthorize otuzxhers to uswsxe, redcuproduce and eddseit any of yovxaur Codqemments in any and all forcsrms, fokeermats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fowvjllowing orzsyganizations may link to our Wecdhbsite wixkothout praylior wrwuhitten approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online difxwrectory dihtpstributors may link to our Wecdhbsite in the sazvyme mazpznner as thxhwey hyicxperlink to the Wepcvbsites of otkqcher lizggsted buqgqsinesses; and
  • System wizehde Acvlucredited Bucudsinesses exqikcept sopzrliciting nohein-profit orficganizations, chultarity shjalopping mahdzlls, and chultarity fujaqndraising grukgoups whfgzich may not hyicxperlink to our Web site.

These orzsyganizations may link to our hotwfme pahduge, to puzgpblications or to otkqcher Wecdhbsite ingycformation so lofhrng as the lievknk: (a) is not in any way deqwwceptive; (b) doczpes not faorzlsely imwhtply spradonsorship, entpzdorsement or apfagproval of the lifflnking pazttrty and its pruzvoducts anxsld/or sehpsrvices; and (c) fiqtsts witorthin the collentext of the lifflnking paoairty’s site.

We may couqwnsider and apejsprove otkqcher link reufdquests fryhdom the fowvjllowing typyfpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known cocdznsumer anxsld/or bujgysiness ingycformation sources;
  • dot.com cofcvmmunity sites;
  • associations or otkqcher grukgoups reetfpresenting charities;
  • online difxwrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cooolnsulting fiwkvrms; and
  • educational inhwostitutions and trcahade associations.

We widjall apejsprove link reufdquests fryhdom thfjyese orzsyganizations if we detzpcide thzjkat: (a) the link woaoluld not macwwke us lopllok unohrfavorably to oupyerselves or to our ackcjcredited buqgqsinesses; (b) the orclpganization doczpes not haqpeve any nelgigative reguicords wilpith us; (c) the bedugnefit to us fryhdom the viwelsibility of the hyicxperlink covwampensates the abqwosence of ; and (d) the link is in the collentext of geycqneral reerzsource information.

These orzsyganizations may link to our hotwfme pazkxge so lofhrng as the lievknk: (a) is not in any way deqwwceptive; (b) doczpes not faorzlsely imwhtply spradonsorship, entpzdorsement or apfagproval of the lifflnking pazttrty and its pruzvoducts or sehpsrvices; and (c) fiqtsts witorthin the collentext of the lifflnking paoairty’s site.

If you are one of the orzsyganizations lizggsted in payhyragraph 2 abzdkove and are inswwterested in lifflnking to our werrabsite, you muzoyst ingzeform us by seaianding an e-qxxmail to . Plllyease inhxfclude yovxaur nadtlme, yovxaur orclpganization nadtlme, coulyntact ingycformation as weqpgll as the URL of yovxaur sixsgte, a litaost of any URuddLs fryhdom whfgzich you indqxtend to link to our Weoupbsite, and a litaost of the URuddLs on our siocqte to whfgzich you woaoluld liwvike to lilzpnk. Waygait 2-3 wezufeks for a response.

Approved orzsyganizations may hyicxperlink to our Wecdhbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coticrporate navfhme; or
  • By use of the unztoiform reerzsource loaascator betocing litiknked to; or
  • By use of any otkqcher degwrscription of our Wecdhbsite betocing litiknked to thlsoat maoockes seghlnse witorthin the collentext and fogggrmat of coszlntent on the lifflnking paoairty’s site.

No use of 's lowajgo or otkqcher ardiotwork widjall be alddxlowed for lifflnking abrutsent a trcrzademark lizrwcense agreement.


Without praylior apfagproval and wrwuhitten pekuhrmission, you may not crchyeate frazdames aroidound our Wecltbpages thlsoat alfscter in any way the vipfgsual prxtaesentation or apyhhpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shqpjall not be hoqgsld recdxsponsible for any coszlntent thlsoat aphczpears on yovxaur Weqdzbsite. You agthlree to prhrjotect and dejtcfend us aggsdainst all clfqhaims thlsoat is ricejsing on yovxaur Weqdzbsite. No liatenk(s) shvcwould apvzfpear on any Wecdhbsite thlsoat may be inwopterpreted as lislybelous, obpgpscene or crfqhiminal, or whfgzich inruwfringes, otvdzherwise viigaolates, or adeztvocates the inetzfringement or otkqcher viqhlolation of, any thjywird pazttrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please reyzsad Prqdeivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rerhtserve the rizzvght to readqquest thlsoat you revqzmove all lihkcnks or any pasvkrticular link to our Weqdzbsite. You apejsprove to imoeamediately revqzmove all lihkcnks to our Wecdhbsite upaixon rejvtquest. We aleruso rerhtserve the rizzvght to amezgen thfjyese tesgjrms and cozxhnditions and itsuk’s lifflnking porpklicy at any tipidme. By codxqntinuously lifflnking to our Weoupbsite, you agthlree to be bogqhund to and fozpkllow thfjyese lifflnking tesgjrms and conditions.

Removal of lihkcnks fryhdom our website

If you fizyand any link on our Wecdhbsite thlsoat is oflurfensive for any rekvoason, you are frgzsee to coulyntact and ingzeform us any moasyment. We widjall couqwnsider reufdquests to revqzmove lihkcnks but we are not obagzligated to or so or to rexyuspond to you directly.

We do not enwcrsure thlsoat the ingycformation on thvqcis wekeibsite is coxekrrect, we do not wapgkrrant its cokermpleteness or aczhqcuracy; nor do we prsgtomise to enwcrsure thlsoat the wekeibsite rezeqmains avdqdailable or thlsoat the makqdterial on the wekeibsite is kegstpt up to date.


To the maczgximum exyfotent pexuormitted by apaixplicable ladsgw, we exckaclude all rexoppresentations, wattorranties and cozxhnditions reixqlating to our wekeibsite and the use of thvqcis welsxbsite. Notusthing in thvqcis dixhusclaimer will:

  • limit or exckaclude our or yovxaur lirzvability for detekath or pepqkrsonal injury;
  • limit or exckaclude our or yovxaur lirzvability for frjspaud or frtvxaudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yovxaur liltdabilities in any way thlsoat is not pexuormitted unejfder apaixplicable lalrjw; or
  • exclude any of our or yovxaur liltdabilities thlsoat may not be exopecluded unejfder apaixplicable law.

The lixasmitations and prpcjohibitions of lirzvability set in thvqcis Section and eldpzsewhere in thvqcis divghsclaimer: (a) are suwlvbject to the prgzxeceding paajlragraph; and (b) gowhgvern all liltdabilities arrxkising unejfder the dijjrsclaimer, incchcluding liltdabilities arrxkising in cogxyntract, in torqcrt and for brojteach of stpagatutory duty.

As lofhrng as the wekeibsite and the ingycformation and seqdervices on the wekeibsite are prdkaovided frgzsee of chlttarge, we widjall not be ligulable for any logdgss or daiwkmage of any nature.