STEM International

An American K-12 Curriculum School - for children in Africa.

A Christ-Centered, 21st Century and STEM skills American K-12 Curriculum  and Leadership school training innovative and problem solving leaders for Africa. Virtual school available outside Nairobi.

Enrolling now for virtual school 1st-grade 12 in Africa. ( physical school pod available in Nairobi Kenya. space is limited)

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The Future of Education is Here!

STEM International School available virtually in Africa,  is a 21st century and STEM skills American  K-12 curriculum and leadership training home school founded on Biblical Principles. Students at STEM International school from as early as Elementary school are prepared to be innovators and solution makers in the 21st century.

At STEM International School, students are trained and developed spiritually, socially, intellectually, physically and financially. 

STEM International School is an innovation in itself for the children in Africa. STEM International Virtual school has been successfully teaching children in Africa HOW TO THINK and not WHAT TO MEMORIZE!. schoo

What is a 21st Century School?

A 21st century school experience is dominated by two main features; the 21st century skills and STEM skills in an environment with an emphasis on leadership.

Students at STEM International do not just focus on getting information rather they focus on application of information. Google knows almost everything, but not what is in your child’s innovative mind.  In the age of the internet the 21st century  and STEM skills should become the basic needs for students.

The children in Africa enrolled at  STEM International already have these basic needs being provided to them.

At STEM International School We teach children HOW TO THINK and not WHAT TO MEMORIZE!

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The fundamental purpose of STEM International School is teaching the child in Africa how to think instead of what to memorize!

Lucy Mwai — Founder

Curriculum Overview



In these early formative years of the child, our focus  is an approach to learning critical domains:-Curiosity and initiative, Play and Persistence and Attentiveness.

In the virtual school experience this is done by creating an ecosystem that connects the school, the child and the home. 

Children in K3-K5 attend virtual school with the support of a care taker who takes the role of a teacher assistant to create a nurturing, focused and impactful learning experience for the child. 

1st-5th Grade

Elementary School

In the elementary years we offer a high breed of the American K-12 curriculum, STEM skills and 21st Century skills for the development of innovative minds in the comfort of the child’s home from any country in Africa. 

During the elementary years, the focus is on developing the confidence to think and think in a manner to solve problems, by creating authentic solutions. 

During these elementary years, students learn the different STEM skills coupled with 21st century skills and together they become a normal frame of reference for approaching situations and challenges. This has proven successful over the past 10 years and hence children become natural problem solving individuals. 

Africa your time has come; Africans solving Africa’s problems for Africa! – Founder

6th-8th Grade

Middle School

Middle school students, also known as Tweens in some parts of the world, are a very interesting lot of young people who are constantly facing changes from different spectrums of their lives. These young minds have two main desires that they aim at fulfilling; namely the need for increased independence as well as the increased desire for meaningful interaction with peers and adults other than their parents. 

At STEM International Virtual School, not only do we celebrate this phase of their life, but we are equipped to support them to successfully. 

You will be so glad you signed up your tween into STEM International Virtual School. Victory. 

9th-12th Grade

High School

In 2021 STEM International School graduated the fourth cohort from virtual high school into college. Students at STEM International School are absorbed into their university of choice. Universities that our students have attended include and are not limited to USIU in Kenya,  Strathmore Business School in Kenya, Gannon University in USA and  African Leadership University in Mauritius. Students from STEM International thrive in college setting as a result of the rich core and elective program they take in high school. 

This will be your teenagers experience too.

Looking for a life transforming school experience for your child in the comfort and safety of your home anywhere in Africa? Look no further! ENROLL TODAY! for a virtual informational session.

Stay updated with what's happening at Champion School Texas

Stay updated with what's happening at Champion School Texas

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