21st Century Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

21st Century Curriculum

At STEM International Virtual School, we recognize that in the age of the internet, 21st century skills should become the basic needs for students.  21st century skills are incorporated into the daily learning experience of our students. 
21 Century skills Categories

Learning Skills

At STEM International virtual school the 4C- 21st century skills teach the students about the mental processes that they require to think toward innovation

Literacy Skills

Literacy is no longer just information found in books. In the internet age students must learn to discern facts, the authenticity of their sources, the technology behind the facts.

Life Skiils

These skills develop the personal and professional attributes of an individual. With the changing times it is essential for students to develop these skills

STEM Skills
STEM Skills curriculum implements project-based learning at all grade levels. Students carry out appropriate grade level activities and make presentations and final projects related to the topic of study.
STEM skills combined with 21st century skills position students to increase their problem solving skills which is beneficial at personal and public level. STEM Skills and 21st century skills together develop innovation skills.

STEM Skills curriculum while diverse is easily taught through project based learning. Students are encouraged to solve problems around them by working through the process of 21st century skills and STEM skills to determine authentic solutions.
STEM Skills at STEM International School include and are not limited to

These basic skills have been identified and are used in experiments and in the innovation process. Needless to say they are also used in everyday life experiences to a greater extent than we realize. These skills have been identified to facilitate for objective investigation and to reach conclusions based on the results.

The science skills when incorporated daily not only work in the classroom, but also in daily living. Students who are able to use these skills outside the classroom stand a better chance to be more objective about situations in everyday life that would otherwise create a sense of no control. This in turn builds the Emotional I.Q of the student.
Math Skills in STEM education develop creativity, promote reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
Leadership Academy

At STEM International we follow the highly reputed leadership curriculum manual -The HOLY BIBLE. Fun fact: in the last 50years the Bible has sold over 3.9Billion copies. The Influence Leadership program deals with the different leaders in the Bible with an emphasis on Jesus Christ the master leader. 

STEM International School offers this program for students from 3yrs to 12th grade. This student-oriented institution prepares young minds for effective leadership in the 21st century through hands-on learning. Students at STEM International Virtual School have an opportunity to study leadership God’s way in morning devotion, DEARS( Drop Everything And Read Scripture) as well as weekly leadership classes. 

Business, political, and educational leaders are increasingly asking schools to teach students skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Such skills are often referred to as “21st century skills” essential to any future leaders. 


STEM International Virtual School is leading the field for africa. Training Children in Africa to solve Problems in Africa and the rest of the world by extension